who and why was Loyalty Card bot made?

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I created this bot to solve a problem nearly every day-to-day retail, venue or brand deals with.

You never know much about the customer that walks in to your store.

Having dealt with a multitude of shops and venues, I understand their requirement to know everything they need to about their customers. I have created a loyalty system that is proven to answer any questions a client could ask.

Knowing more about your customers will give you a much better idea on what offers you should offer them. 

This will give you a much better ROI.

Rupert Samuel

This will gamify your messenger bot with our simple but intelligent share affaliate flow. This feature has been proven to give up to 20% return of new subscribers.

Growing your bot for free!

I have added a bonus flow you can use for broadcasts to help add more subscribers. 

A tool like this will help a lot to create return customers automatically.

This video below will give you a better view of how the back end works.

Please send me any questions you have. I will be happy to help you create any feature you may need.


Background video to loyalty card bot