Messenger Growth

Facebook messenger is currently riding a wave of popularity (over 1 billion active users), that is showing no sign of
slowing down. With Facebooks huge variety of apps and functions, messenger bots are the most exciting marketing channel to come along in a while. 
As messaging apps grow it’s only natural that messenger marketing grows too.

Facebook messenger is looking strongly like it will replace email, websites, text and calls as the main way a business connects with its customers.

You only have to look to China, where over 900 million people use Wechat monthly, to see how messenger bots have already become the main channel.

Messenger marketing is expanding at an exponential rate. With the birth of messenger commerce in 2018,
customers around the world are able to buy products and services directly through messenger bots.

It is also becoming a more robust channel. Previously messenger bots were mostly simple text-based messages with the
ability to add buttons and images.

This has all recently changes, now there is the ability to accept payments, save
the date/time of an action, compare custom fields and with integrations such as MailChimp.

Advancements that make them such a powerful marketing tool and will only grow as move through 2018.

As messenger bots become more widespread, they will pay a bigger and bigger role in our daily lives and how we communicate with businesses.

When a customer needs to contact a company, they will send a message rather than
an email. When a customer wants to book a hotel room, they will use a messenger bot to make the booking rather
than a website. When a customer wants to make a repeat purchase, they will use messenger bots.

As Facebook messenger bots grow and grow, other companies are looking to follow suit. WhatsApp, iMessage and Android Messages have all recently launched their own various messenger bots to try and get a piece of the action.

It just goes to show what a powerful tool messenger bots have become, and how far they can go.

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