Why are Messenger conversations better?

Talking with a bot should feel like you’re chatting with a human. Just one who knows everything about a business and can answer any query you may have as a customer.

It’s not about talking at the customer, which happens with email. But rather about creating a conversation with them that enables them to access information, accomplish their task, and have a positive experience with your business – all while never leaving the place where they already spend the majority of their time; Facebook messenger.


Of course, email does have some positives and when used properly it can be a powerful marketing tool. You can stay connected to customers directly, provide them with a clear message, and personalised emails can further peak customer interest.


However, if needs to send a query to your business via email, they inevitably will have to wait anywhere up to a day for a response. During which, the window of highest purchase intent is missed. In the time they wait for your reply, customers can easily find the product in a competitors store, or make a booking elsewhere. Meaning you miss out on that all-important sale.

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